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Wireless Outdoor RB600 (5 bh AP A+B+G)


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Extreme Performance Access Point! Lebih powerful, dan menggunakan 3 buah port gigabit. Dengan routerboard 600 (MPC8343E 266/400MHz, 64MB RAM, 3 port gigabit ethernet, dan 4 port minipci), dilengkapi dengan Daughterboard RB604 dan 5 buah wireless R52 65 mWatt ABG, PoE, dan adaptor 48 Volt.

Detail Barang:
  • Routerboard 600 dengan outdoor box
  • 3 port gigabit ethernet (1 untuk PoE)
  • 4 slot minipci
  • 4 buah R52 Atheros MiniPCI Wireless 802.11a+b+g 54Mbps 2.4/5GHz
  • 1 Insulator Ethernet (klik di sini jika butuh tambahan)
  • Power Adaptor 48 V
  • Power over Ethernet Spliter
  • 2 metal ring
  • Lisensi Mikrotik RouterOS WISP-AP/CF 
Spesifikasi Routerboard 600:
  • CPU MPC8343E 266/400MHz network processor
  • Memory 64MB DDR SDRAM onboard memory
  • Boot loader RouterBOOT, 1Mbit Flash chip
  • Data storage 64MB onboard NAND memory chip
  • Ethernet Three 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Gigabit Ethernet with Auto-MDI/X
  • miniPCI Four MiniPCI Type IIIA/IIIB slots
  • Expansion Daughterboard support, including RB500 daughterboards
  • Compact Flash Two independent CompactFlash slots (TrueIDE Microdrive supported)
  • Serial port One DB9 RS232C asynchronous serial port
  • Speaker Mini PC-Speaker
  • Power options IEEE802.3af PoE: 38..56V DC including over datalines.
  • Power jack: 10..56V DC
  • Fan control Two 5V DC fan power output headers with rotation sensor and automatic fan switching (maximum output current - 300mA total)
  • Dimensions 14 cm x 20 cm (5.51 in x 7.87 in), 227 g (8 oz)
  • Power consumption ~9W without extension cards, maximum – 35+ W
  • Operating System MikroTik RouterOS v3, Level4 license

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